Meet Our Team

Superior service and expertise

At Cummings Properties, we achieve exceptional results for our clients by working together across departments, tapping into our substantial in-house expertise in design, construction, purchasing, and other key areas of commercial real estate. Meet the multitalented managers who drive our organization's success from the inside out.


Ernest N. Agresti, Jr.
Vice President – Administration

Greg Ahearn
Vice President – Field Operations

Stephanie Aitchison
Associate General Manager - Beverly

Eric S. Anderson

Andrew Andricopoulos
Account Manager

Michael A. Aveni
Senior Project Architect

Natalie Breen
Account Manager

Julie Carnevale
Account Manager

Mary Carroll
Senior Account Manager - Beverly

Dennis A. Clarke
Chairman and CEO

Annie Coe
Leasing Director

Scott Crowley
Field Division Manager, Core

Bill Cummings

Stephen Cusano
Leasing Director

Justin D'Aveta
Account Manager

Jen Davidson, RA
Design Manager

Al Diamond
Business Development Officer

Stephen J. Drohosky
Senior Vice President - Cummings Center

Dave Drummond
Account Manager

Bob Folger
Account Manager

Tina Freitas
Human Resources Manager

Jim Gillette
Purchasing Manager

William F. Grant
Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Joe Greer
Leasing Associate

John Halsey
Leasing Manager

Dave Harriss
Project Architect, Beverly

Dave Harvey
Account Manager

Bob Heffernan
Deputy General Field Manager

Helen Jeffers
Account Manager

Marc Knittle
Key Accounts Manager

Zach Kohl
Associate Account Manager

Eric Lawless
Senior Account Manager

Ryan McRae
Account Manager

Kara Murphy
Senior Account Manager

Harmohit Panesar
Associate Account Manager

Tim Parziale
Field Division Manager, Beverly

Jeff Pelletier
Account Manager

Alma Philpott
Senior Operations Counsel

Derek S. Russell
Vice President – Operations

Alyson Sovie
Design Manager

Tony Spencer
Operations Manager

Jim Trudeau
Chief Design Officer

Michael Truesdale
Senior Leasing Director

Joyce Vyriotes
Director of Communications and Marketing

Erica Wright
Operations Manager

Rob Yacobian
Senior Leasing Director

Brooke Zagarri
Account Manager

Craig J. Ziady
General Counsel and Senior Vice President