Going Green

At the Forefront of Sustainability

At Cummings Properties, we continually identify energy saving opportunities and undertake energy efficiency projects throughout our portfolio, resulting in direct cost savings for our clients.

In the interest of both social and fiscal responsibility, we employ several "green" business practices, which are coordinated by a full-time energy manager.

Energy Saving Methods

Clients can feel good that Cummings' nearly three megawatts of solar photovoltaic installations provide clean, renewable energy that directly powers a portion of common area and shared mechanical loads at several of the largest buildings in our portfolio.

At most Cummings buildings, client suites use individual electric (and sometimes gas) meters, allowing clients to directly reap the savings from any energy use reductions in their suites.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Cummings Properties continues to keep pace with the latest developments in sustainability. We have installed electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on a number of our business campuses, including at Cummings Center, in Beverly. This expansive office park houses 30 EV charging ports, many of which draw power from nearby rooftop solar arrays.

EV charging is also available at New Horizons, in Marlborough, as well as at 12 Cabot Road, 34 Commerce Way, 35 Cabot Road, TradeCenter 128, and West Cummings Park, in Woburn. Charger installations are underway at multiple additional locations throughout the portfolio.

Whereas many EV chargers bill by the minute or at a higher rate during peak hours, all Cummings EV chargers bill per kilowatt-hour (kWh). This flat rate includes a nominal administrative charge, and ensures that all drivers are charged equitably, regardless of how quickly their vehicle charges or when they choose to “fill up.”

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Cummings has developed, constructed, and installed one of the largest corporate collections of clean-energy-producing solar arrays in Massachusetts, which includes more than 10,000 solar panels, with a capacity of nearly 3 megawatts, and lifetime energy production approaching 20 million kilowatt-hours.

Saving on Lighting Energy Used

Cummings Properties continuously reviews energy saving options for its building portfolio. Our newest properties include leading edge LED lighting with occupancy and dimming controls throughout, while high-efficiency lamps with low-power electronic ballast retrofits have brought upgraded lighting efficiency to most of our portfolio. These approaches, paired with the Cummings design team's thoughtful lighting design, result in average lighting energy use that is significantly better than code in most Cummings spaces.

Recycling Events

We regularly host free electronics recycling for clients.

Groundwater Recycling

Cummings Properties uses unpurified well water when possible for irrigation, responsibly conserving the more energy-intensive potable municipal water. Additionally, we use hardy trees and plantings and minimal grass in our landscaping, reducing the need for irrigation and fertilization.

Building Systems

During the design phase, our architectural and engineering team works with utility sustainability experts to fine tune building HVAC systems. High efficiency heat pumps, condensing gas boilers, and variable speed pumping systems reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases. Building envelopes feature specially tinted glass to control glare and solar heat gain while low emissivity glass coatings reduce heat loss and increase thermal comfort.

We're proud to report that our energy use is lower than the industry average, according to third-party energy specialists who conducted a review of historical utility use at several Cummings buildings.